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Mixed Reality in Offshore Assets Inspection

Semco Maritime is developing a method of remote collaboration to better serve its offshore customers in their inspection needs. To this end, the company is testing various augmented and mixed reality devices as channels of remote collaboration between its offshore customers’ technical staff and its own onshore specialized staff. Thanks to this remote collaboration method, it will be possible, for example, for a team of specialists from the company’s offices to work with a technician located at an offshore facility in the North Sea, using the Trimble XR10 device that is comprised of a construction helmet merged with Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 augmented reality glasses. Thus, the company’s experts will be able to see from their office whatever is seen by the technician at the offshore facility and will be able to provide instructions and advice by virtually overlaying it directly on the technician’s field of vision with explanatory figures that will augment the scene observed through the glasses. Similar augmented reality solutions can be applied in the case of ships as well, as in the case of the FPSO BW CATCHER of BW Offshore that adopted the relevant proposal of DNV GL. DNV GL uses Librestream Technologies’ Onsight augmented reality and remote collaboration platform, which is not exclusively connected to smart glasses, but can also be used by smartphones, tablets, and computers.

These pilot applications are currently mainly focused on inspection and maintenance solutions, but the fact that they can significantly reduce staff costs makes the augmented reality technologies on which they are based great candidates for further use cases in the shipping industry in the near future.


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