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Artificial Salmon Meat and Seafood Meat

Wildtype is a startup that produces artificial salmon meat from cell cultures in order to replace the salmon that is sourced from fisheries and fish farming. Specifically, the company is engaged in the cultivation of meat based on cells of the Coho salmon, which is one of the five species of salmon in the Pacific Ocean. The company believes that it has identified a significant market need for animal protein from seafood, which is expected to put great pressure on global fish stocks as the world population grows. By growing salmon and other seafood meat directly from animal cells, the company believes it will be able to meet this need that has up until now required the exploitation of animals through fisheries or fish farming. At the same time, artificially-grown meat is expected to provide consumers with the desired proteins and fats safely, without the risk of microplastics, pharmaceutical compounds, heavy metals, and other harmful pollutants that may accumulate in the bodies of sea animals during their life in polluted waters. 

Shiok Meats is a startup that produces artificial seafood meat from cell cultures, the first of its kind in Singapore and Southeast Asia. The company aims to produce seafood meat by culturing cells collected from living animals without harming them. The meat that the company is particularly interested in is that of shrimp, crab, and lobster. The company is currently in the phase of conducting the necessary R&D in order to achieve the appropriate level of taste, texture, and nutrients of the different types of seafood meat, while the relevant products are expected to enter the market in the coming years.


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