Futures Literacy across the Deep Demonstration (FLxDeep) is a project funded by EIT Climate KIC. At the core of the project lies the belief that our anticipatory thinking –our images and assumptions about the future- conditions the way we see and act in the present. 

Hence, (large-scale) transformation efforts are bounded by our anticipatory thinking – the futures we use (e.g. probabilistic, plausible, possible, preferable, preposterous, official, transformative etc). 

By diversifying why and how we use futures (by becoming futures literate) we maximize the potential for transformation, drawing on ways and processes for better preparation and planning [anticipation for the Future] as well as – if not more importantly- on ways and processes for experimentation, novelty, simulation of emergence, learning in complexity [anticipation for emergence].   

The overall objective of the project is to introduce, co-create and implement processes conducive to Futures Literacy as a means to support climate related social, business and technological innovation and systems’ transformation.

The project targets three out of eight EIT Climate KIC Deep Demonstrations, namely:

Applying participatory action research approaches and co-creation techniques, FLxDeep will generate, document, and share stories of impact and best practices for developing futures literacy for whole system transformation.

Partners & Team Members

FLxDeep is a six-partner initiative led by Finland Futures Research Centre at Turku School of Economics, University of Turku in cooperation with futures literacy experts at UNESCO. PRAXI/FORTH is leading the workpackage on Net-zero emissions Maritime Hubs.

FLxDeep is funded by EIT Climate KIC: Climate KIC is supported by EIT, which is a body of the European Union. The funding Period is from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020.

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